Kappa Deejay is a producer and Dj from italy

By the age of eight years comes a reckless passion towards music.

Following this passion was born in him the desire to express themselves in front of the public, in fact, begin the first nights in clubs.

In 2007, approaching the world of production and in 2009 comes the first official release dj kappa-Smog Element of synestesya records.

Also in 2009, comes his first collaboration with kina Stolfi & Let Me Down to Test Pressing Records

From this collaboration the project skit family is born of which do part cristian stolfi & Aryan kinà & Kappa Deejay of which the purpose and to propose sonority' techno / progressive.

The first official remix go out among which elektron, in the club, party groove receiving a lot of attention on the best digital portal to the world beatport

In the scene techno begins to collaborate with one of the most important labels in italy : no-logik records and its productions and remix are supported by artists of the caliber of Luca Agnelli, Andrew Mattioli, Dyno, Fred Scavo, ahmet sendil

Fascinated by the atmospheres trance melodic and influenced by the progressive forge different styles for his productions..

Kappa looks to the future with a great hope and prepares a lot of interesting things in 2011

Stay tuned, his story has only just begun...

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